Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3: Why dolphins can't speak to whales (communication difficulties)

     On this fine evening we all set sail for the endless seas not knowing what was abroad. Little did we know what the dead sea had in store for us, but we quickly learned that team work and decision making would be crucial to our survival on this chaotic evening. What we did next was beyond the scope of any human interpretation, not even whales could comprehend, yet dolphins were fully comprehensive of the situation. Then without any warning we busted out Identity Crisis and began to spin the wheel. Decision making being done for us, but then again we had action cards in order to increase the strategic aspect of our game. We did learn that the spinning wheel needed to be changed to a circular one rather then being rectangular.
     There were quite a few communication difficulties during this week. For one, we had very busy exam schedules and hence we could not meet up more than once. To be able to achieve the goals we had dictated this week ( to at least have 75 percent of the cards playable and ready), we had to utilize social media. Facebook was imperative to our communication as a group. Also one of our group members, Uroosa, was absent all last week because of some private issue, and hence she was out of loop of some the decisions that were made last thursday. However, the update process was successful and smooth, though slightly time consuming.
       We have also have had our fair share of creative differences. For instance, Badar and Aleks would like the winning number of item cards to be 8 while Matt and Uroosa were considering the time crunch and wanted to make the number 5.  To decide, we played both ways and decided to go for a number in between, seeing as 8 made the game to long and 5 too short.  Group compromise, if you will, was obvious and essential.
      One great thing about our group is that we are very good about trying to actively do work. Ideas are always flowing, even though some of these ideas are controversial, it is always refreshing to get different perspectives. For instance, today, we discovered that we need to work more on the action cards and implement more cards that manipulate the board. Me need more "Moving cards". These cards are cards such as "Move up one from the landed card". We have decided to make at least 60 percent of all the action cards as these "moving cards" so as to keep the game moving at the faster pace that we all have decided we like.
    We were really impressed at how far we come as we tested our game. Though it wasn't flawless, it was so amazing to see something we created come to life before us. We are really looking forward to having a finished result that people other than us will enjoy playing one day.

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