Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 2: Secrets to why the Chicken Crossed the Road

Today was the uniquest of days, the one day out of the year where every things started to become so clear. Three members left with an inevitable task fit for four, yet the three were prosperous with thoughts of gold. Three unbelievable hours with every second pulsing through our veins. thoughts scattered, M&M's flying but with every sip of RedBull gliding down our throats corroded our thoughts with sugar inflicted game strategies. After having developed the core of the game last week our group was able to brainstorm critical features of the game today. We were able to decide on some key game features that would make the game more interactive amongst players. We also laid out the layout of most of the action cards that are going to be included in the game. It was difficult to make the cards because we had to make sure the overall gameplay had to be fair. With that in thought, there were some challenges in our thought process. However, we decided to go along with our ideas and test them in the playable prototype of the game. The prototype version of the game should give us more insight on how to make sure the gameplay is interactive and at the same time fair to all players. 

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