Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 1: A Long Road Ahead

Today we began developing the specific mechanics for our card game "Identity Crisis". We, in a very open dialogue, discussed some obvious problems with the game's core mechanics. For instance, the number of cards needed to win is going to be an important and difficult decision to make. Allowing the players to win at five cards may make the game too chaotic and fast-paced. On the other hand, setting the wining card number to seven may allow the game to drag on too long and make it obvious what each individual player's identity is. We also had a little difficulty deciding on the intended audience. Some of our team members wished to make the game  ( and its humor) for an older age group, while others wanted to cater to all ages ( and not isolate the 6-14 age group). Ultimately, we decided that the game would prove to be most successful if it was designed as a family friendly game for all ages. However, though there are still many kinks to work out,  the project is underway . Hopefully, after some hard work and brainstorming, we can develop a prototype that is playable and enjoyable.

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