Wednesday, October 23, 2013

LAST BLOG (small problem explains why submitted so late)

Feelings of excitement and sadness had developed within our group because this being the last week that our group would spend finalizing our game, Identity Crisis. Excitement because we were ready to see how our game would turn out as a finished product, and sadness because we knew this would be our final week working together. Through play testing, we were able to discover a few things that we felt would really put our game to the next level. The number of item cards available for play was something that we knew we needed to add. It was too easy to figure out identities because we simply did not have enough item cards. Action cards needed to be added as well, because without these navigating the spinner was boring and well hard to do. it was also based on to much luck so the navigating action cards were a huge plus for strategies. Some mechanics needed to be tweaked as well. We figured that if you guessed an identity wrong the first time you would need to put the dunce hat on. This was a good idea cause it added some fun and quirkiness into the mixture. Another important mechanical change was that after the three rotations we would scrap the board. This gave a sort of new energy to the board, and an opportunity to gain new cards. The number to win was now set to six, in an attempt to control time. Due to exams for multiple members we had trouble meeting in person that week for an extended period of time. Thus through our Facebook group we were able to continually discuss the mechanics and rules without being with each other in person. We split up the actual arts and crafts parts as well because cutting took a long long time. We all felt very happy with the game we had developed in the end.

This is Matt's blog entry and due to technical problems, he had thought that he submitted it but for some reason it didn't submit and he was also not able to reenter the blog. Even after the administrator (Uroosa) attempted to add him back to the blog it still wouldn't let him in. so as a last resort and not being able to figure it out we just had him email his entry to me and now I am posting Matt's blog entry. sorry for the delay and inconvenience!

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